About Dolce

Located in the majestic mountains of Telluride, Colorado... Dolce takes pride in offering our clients the finest in custom & designer jewelry, alongside unique sculptures in all sizes and mediums. Each piece is designed and crafted by hand and has a story to tell. Dolce’s attention to detail and labor-intensive process results in exquisite handmade jewelry and sculpture that is both distinctive and exclusive. Rare and exquisite gemstones serve as the inspiration behind every piece at Dolce. With access to the top diamond and gemstones in the world, Dolce’s phenomenal collection is one that very few other jewelers can match. Owner, Beau Staley travels the world in search of the finest stones and is one of the first people to be notified when a rare stone becomes available on the market. Dolce represents artists who are unique and innovative in their chosen medium. We look forward to serving your jewelry & sculpture acquisitions with our knowledgeable staff, GIA certified gemologists and goldsmiths.